The management bears responsibility for ensuring that the company’s objectives are achieved in accordance with the business policy it has defined.

Where hardware and software systems are used to support processes, this results in special and unavoidable (“inherent”) risks. In order to avert damage, company management must introduce suitable regulations that adequately counter these risks and reduce the residual risks to an unavoidable and thus appropriate level through their risk-reducing effect.

The prerequisite for this is an IT environment that is characterized by an appropriate basic attitude, a special awareness of problems and risk-oriented behavior on the part of all employees with regard to the use of IT.

Since the compliance of a company is primarily the responsibility of its management, not only listed companies but also medium-sized companies are obliged to comply with laws, guidelines and voluntary codes.

intercompliance offers its customers special and targeted IT audits in order to secure the special processes belonging to the company. The focal points of our IT audits include the following IT audits:

IT System Check

  • IT environment, IT strategy, and IT organization
  • IT infrastructure
  • IT applications
  • IT-supported business processes
  • IT monitoring system
  • IT outsourcing


  • Consulting in the fulfillment of basic IT governance and IT compliance
  • Support in the possible implementation of requirements of the COBIT Framework

IT-Risk Management

  • Support in setting up and implementing risk management systems
  • Support in implementing risk strategies

Project Risk Management

  • Periodic assessment and revision of project planning
  • monitoring of project objectives and their results
  • Improving transparency about the project status and for project control
  • Improved decision preparation

Risk management in project implementation